JORGE BISCHOFF is a brand of well-targeted strategies, applied on all business platforms. The flagship is the women’s collection. In its portfolio, shoes, bags and accessories aimed at an audience that values elegance, comfort and differentiated design standards. The exuberance of the Brazilian woman inspires the creations, guided by the macrotrends of international fashion. The original DNA of the brand is shown in the colors, prints and the use of exclusive metals and ornaments.


THE BRAND is made for every moment of the modern woman. The combination of fashion with quality, comfort, defines the concept of the brand. Shoes and handbags that are the essence of a democratic and versatile fashion. The brand offers a fast fashion appeal among consumers seeking an up-to-date visual. The portfolio of products brings the know-how of creation, production and market strategies applied in successful businesses cases of the BISCHOFF GROUP.


THE PRIVATE LABEL production infrastructure is a perfect meeting of traditional know-how and modern handmade shoes & bags configurations. our company also offers sourcing & base shoe prototyping and sampling services, along with on-demand batch production and full quality control services.

points of sales

The international business arises through multichannels, including retail chains, department shops, multibrand stores, distribution and online sales.

Today, Bischoff Group products is present in more than 60 countries, 5 continents which together add up to more than 5.000 points of sale in all regions of Brazil and worldwide.

With more than 100 exclusive stores complete the network that brings the JORGE BISCHOFF signature to all regions of Brazil, through the franchising system.

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